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Какова дополнительная нагрузка на приложение, если оно распределяется по нескольким узлам?

  • Блэйды или отдельные боксы
  • Однопроцессорные и многопроцессорные системы
  • Xeon или P4 или Opteron
  • Способ соединения
  • Стойка и питание

Мнение [1]:

In doing all that I think it is good to look at the 'total mem/cpu' picture.
Example: You can buy a 4cpu (3Ghz) 4G box from HP for about $40k. Nice package,
but not very good bang for the buck. You can buy a single 3Ghz/1G RAM box from
many vendors for about $1k. In that mode you could buy 40 procs and 40G of RAM
for $40k. 10x the total cpu count and 10x the total RAM.  (neglecting

Some random opinions:
1. I like rackmount cases, but they cost more. Look at Penguincomputing. They
have great boxes and packaging.
2. I hate blades for most apps. Too expensive and proprietary. 
3. Xeon is good, but you pay a price for DP/MP -- P4 has advantages of speed and
disadvantages of not having all CPU/RAM in the same box. P4 has 800Mhz bus
available -- Xeon is only 533 bus. 
4. opteron is awesome -- even in the 200/800 setups. But the cost can seem high. 
5. openmosix is cool, but you have to be sure your apps are the 'right' type.
Works great for most apps, doesn't help at all with other apps.
6. grid is good, but limited. 
7. 1U cases are nice for density, but bad for cooling and cable routing, and
adding cards
8. 4U cases are too big for clustering -- 2U cases are a nice balance
9. linuxjournal has dozens of ads for cluster boxes
10. penguincomputing has good options
11. I like HP's hardware for linux as well.
12. 64 bit is seldom needed unless you have a single process that needs more
than 3-4G RAM. 

I like P4 with 1-2G of RAM. But I like 2U dual xeon boxes for rack mounting. I
think the P4 is often faster...

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